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26 September Gdańsk, Poland

About us

TOR Transport Consultants Group Ltd.

One of the leading Polish companies specialized in consultancy and analyzes in transport infrastructure and integrated public transport systems sectors for business clients, institutions and self-governments.


TOR Publishing House

We also carry out communication projects, such as web portals, magazines and events. – the most important source of information about Polish railway branch and changes taking place in that market. – current analysis of relations between investors and contractors in Polish infrastructure market and the most reliable source of data on ongoing transport and energy infrastructure projects. – one and only platform devoted to integrated public transport issues in Poland.


TOR Conferences

Since 2007 we organize numerous branch meetings, debates with participation of media and decision-makers, seminars, conferences and congresses.


Jędrzej Puzyński
Jędrzej Puzyński Project Manager Show

Expert of TOR Transport Consultants Group Ltd. and news website Graduate of Warsaw University and Warsaw School of Economics. Active in the transportation industry since 2008, at first as editor of „Railway Market – CEE Review” quarterly and „CEE Rail Report”. Currently Project Manager in the conference department of TOR Transport Consultants Group Ltd. Member of Association of Experts and Managers of Railway Sector.

Michał Grobelny
Michał Grobelny Project Manager Show

Journalist and analyst connected with the transportation sector. In the early stage of his professional career he realized mostly projects linked with railway freight transport and rolling stock. Since 2011 responsible for conference projects in TOR Transport Consultants Group Ltd. Expert in the area of railway vehicles. Deputy Chief editor of "Rynek Kolejowy" magazine.

Łukasz Malinowski
Łukasz Malinowski Director Show

Expert in the areas of public transport and urban mobility. Chief editor of "Rynek Kolejowy" magazine - the most popular rail industry media in Poland. Since 2009 he is in charge of publishing and editorial work at TOR Publishing House, which is part of the TOR Transport Consultants Group Ltd.

Aleksandra Puzyńska
Aleksandra Puzyńska Editor Show

Journalist and editor of Railway Market CEE Rolling Stock Review. Specialist in the area of passenger vehicles and operators. Since 2015 responsible for sales activities concerning reports and conferences organised by TOR Transport Consultants Group.

Witold Urbanowicz
Witold Urbanowicz Expert Show

Journalist of and "Rynek Kolejowy" monthly. Expert in the area of subway and tramway systems.